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There are many patients that need a dentist in an emergency. We find that dental emergencies can strike at any time. Dr. Beydoun and our team at Premier Care will try any last-minute appointment so that the patient does not have to continue with oral pain. Either It is a toothache or a major dental emergency, call (313) 274-4422 right away.

Do you need an emergency appointment ? Call us if…


Severe and sudden toothaches are another reason people end up needing a dentist. Dr. Beydoun can determine what caused the pain. It may be a little cavity that grew into a big cavity and now requires a canal. Another possibility is a disease, which can cause gums to recede, exposing teeth and roots. Both lead to intense pain and require emergency treatment. We do not want patients of Dental Care to experience pain and will do our best to treat you right away so that you remain comfortable.

If a tooth infection is left untreated for a long period of time, it leads to a dental emergency. An abscess is a major infection that can settle your jawbone and the of your mouth and oral surgery may be necessary in order to end the infection. We can know if we are dealing with an abscess during your exam with Dr. Beydoun.

99% of dental related room trips could have handled by an emergency office for a fraction of the cost. AHRQ, November 2012

How can I relieve pain while waiting for emergency dental appointment?

We can help patients stay comfortable and live a life that is pain-free, you can visit Premier Dental experiencing pain, and we will do whatever it takes to relieve your pain and create the treatment options for dealing with it. This can prevent you from feeling discomfort while you are being treated and at home. You may also apply a cold or ice pack to the area in order to prevent swelling.

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Treatment Options

When a tooth has come out.

If your tooth has knocked out, try to it. Once located, rinse tooth under warm water scrubbing it. Next, place in a cup of and bring it with to your dental appointment. will try to save the tooth, if possible. If, Dr. Beydoun will discuss replacing the tooth. may include dentures, a bridge, or dental implants.

72% of Americans have a type of restorative dental. 23% of all dental care related to the.

When a tooth is damaged

It is common to damage a tooth playing sports or getting a car accident. It is likely that the tooth becomes cracked or chipped. long as the tooth remains in place, we typically correct it with dental treatment options. There multiple ways that we restore a patient’s teeth. of which include dental and a dental crown. are excellent options and restore your tooth to functionality while keeping it looking. As an emergency facility, we can provide information on what options are and the way to restore your while achieving the goals you have for your. To schedule an appointment.

When a tooth is infected

As an emergency dentist, will assess the situation inform you of where the infection is and the way to quickly treat. Our job is to you comfortable, healthy, and. Patients trust us to infections and keep their and gums in excellent health. Whether fixing a cavity or treating an abscess, we make it for a tooth to free from infection and. Dr. Beydoun can resolve the issue in a way that keeps patients comfortable during necessary procedures.

How can an emergency help me?

At Premier Dental Care strive to keep our comfortable and free from or pain. As such, are cognizant of the that most dental emergencies are unplanned. If your tooth has been damaged or you in pain, call (313) 274-4422 right away so that can schedule your appointment to treat the issue quickly. friendly team will do best to accommodate you and ensure that you get back to a that is free from pain. While many dentists, you to schedule appointments in advance our will work with you each situation to get the necessary treatment right. You can also help avoid dental emergencies by teeth cleanings twice a and maintaining a healthy year-round. There is a much rate of emergency dental in families with annual less than $35k. Don’t the cost of care in the way of oral health, call us financing options. 88% of all emergency visits could have been by routine care. Read More


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Thanks for doing great work. Also thank you Dr. Beydoun for being so polite and respectful, I really appreciate you guys.

Ezell Williams NY Citizen

Best Dentist in the business, highly recommended for all your dental needs. Dr Ghada is the reason I smile! 🙂

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Dr. Ghada is one of the best dentists the care she shows to her patients is unreal. I do appreciate Dr. Ghada and all the work she does!

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